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Bill gates microchip vaccine|Bill Gates’ New Population Control Microchip Due For

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The Hidden Link Between the Coronavirus and 5G Testing ...

Gates, who funded a preparedness project that conveniently war gamed for a corona pandemic just months before the real pandemic hit, has frequently warned – or perhaps threatened – that a worldwide plague is coming to kill millions of people..Sanjay Gupta suggested bringing old ventilators out of storage and trying to make them operable again, but this may not be sufficient if demands for life-saving breathing assistance continues to dramatically expand..

My theory is that Israel developed the coronavirus to specifically target the genome of Iranians, but they realized that if it suddenly broke out in Iran but nowhere else, it would look too suspicious.So they released it in China first, since China has been the source of many other virus scares.Now that the (((media))) has established China as the source of the coronavirus in people’s minds, Israel has released it in Iran, their real target.This biological virus reminds me of the Stuxnet computer virus, which was designed by Israel to specifically target the Siemens centrifuges in Iran’s nuclear facilities, but also affected other countries as “collateral damage.”.

bill gates vaccines kill4 times Bill Gates said vaccines would reduce world ...

In collaboration with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, also known as GAVI, the government of Bangladesh and various other “partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief,” the ID2020 Alliance hopes to usher in this mark of the beast as a way to keep tabs on every human being living on Earth..“Cartoon Network Studios is immensely proud of Rebecca Sugar and of this series– which has changed lives.The central bank, which predicts cash may fade from Sweden, is testing a digital currency — an e-krona — to keep firm control of the money supply.

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Many have forgotten about the scourge of AIDS, treating it like a disease that can be managed instead of the deadly virus that kills more than 1 million people worldwide every year.Laureen Hill, chief operating officer at the Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center system.PUT THIS MONSTER IN PRISON.It’s accurate as of what passed tonight..If you trust them..

Some people are concerned that Bill Gates, one of the richest people on the planet, is working with a private Alliance of companies to create a digital ID standard.

bill gates africa vaccinesBill Gates says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! (MUST WATCH ...

Others have been told that their act of worshiping the Lord on Sunday instead of the Sabbath constitutes accepting the mark of the beast. Dr.Why have foundations invested so persistently in actual technologies and campaigns for population reduction?In the absence of a definitive explanation, two possibilities are worth pondering:.We all fly through it without a thought, because we’ve seen it a dozen times.He said:.“However it’s important to note, there is no shortage of product.

So yes, killing infants en masse will reduce population, even more so when the procedures are performed by less than ‘properly trained’ killers, whose mistakes very often cause women to become incapable of having more children.Wyatt and Warren of the Old West NYT Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list.The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes."It's like a war effort - it is a war against this virus and so the army have been incredibly helpful in getting those logistics so we can get the supplies to protect people on the front line," he told the BBC, saying the health service now had 12,000 ventilators, 7,000 more than at the start of the crisis..

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