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Why climate change is not real|Why People Still Believe Climate Change Is Fake… And Why

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Socialism, Not Climate Change, Is the Real Threat ...

The fact is we have clearly measured steadily increasing temperatures for the past thirty years.."Any kind of skin product can increase allergies," he cautioned.Richard.“It’s the last thing that some of these guys hear,” Father Dufford said.… and then again in the ’80s, twice in the ’90s , 2007-2009, 2015/2016 etc.For example, Teilhardian or Tiplerian optimists who believe in the inevitable perfectibility or triumph of humankind would qualify as religious humanists.

Coal ash pollution/toxic waste contains high levels of toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, selenium, lithium, other cancer-causing agents.Thus, the 240 Watts/m^2 of visible and near-visible Solar energy that reaches and is absorbed by the Earth System, has the effect of warming the Earth System exactly as much as an equal number of Watts/m^2 of “thermal” mid- and far-IR radiation..But, Biden’s campaign points out, Shokin was widely regarded as corrupt at the time the vice president on behalf of the Obama Administration sought his ouster.

22 reasons climate change is not realIs Climate Change Real? | Britannica

It's WWF's mission to build a world where people and nature thrive together.6) Significant changes in climate have continually occurred throughout geologic time..The new study's findings, its authors write, are evidence of how "remarkably well-equipped ordinary individuals are to discern which stances towards scientific information secure their personal interests.".

Because environmental Laws have a cost for the states, the companies and the citizens.

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The evidence of human involvement is stronger, too.For life,for healing,for joy,we are thankful..Every part of the Earth'shas continued warming since 1998, with 2015 shattering temperature records..The Manne study of global CO2 reductions also reveals that restrictive approaches to limit carbon emissions would hinder our international competitiveness in such basic industries as chemicals, steel, aluminum, petroleum refining, and mining.

The CERN CLOUD experiment only tested one-third of one out of four requirements necessary to blame global warming on cosmic rays, and two of the other requirements have already failed..The document Giuliani produced was released six months ago by The Hill columnist John Solomon.

evidence against climate changeClimate change | UNEP - UN Environment Programme

As for humans, yes we contribute to it with with extra CO2 from our industries and speeding it up, but even if we quit that, we won’t stop it.Not easily done on a freaking bus or bike.Autopsy and toxicology results will likely be available in six to eight weeks, authorities said..A “proof” is an argument whose conclusion is true under the principles of the classical logic.If you have composed such a proof, what is it?.

Period..Jacka’s colleagues have also disputed the claim of warming in the Antarctic and the Arctic regions.

It is invisible but we can feel it.Who is being tested? What are tests looking for? When might we have a vaccine?”.My animated PowerPoint Show, which should run on any Windows PC, is available for download here.The experiment heats a water sample with an intermittent SW source at depth.With this post, I want to take a look at a distinctive feature of the CCM music of the past.

http://jonova.s3.amazonaws.com/graphs/giss/hansen-giss-1940-1980.gif Perhaps you can explain why aggregations of measurements taken decades ago need to be altered as a result of measurements taken now?Or do you prefer to simply ignore the facts? Richard.You keep the promises You makeThere isn't one that is delayedSo I will not lose heart, here, I will lift my armsAnd start to sing into the nightMy praise will call the sun to riseDeclare the battle won, declare that it is done.

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